Light and Heavy Towing Recovery and Float Service

Light and Heavy Towing
Recovery and Float Service

We have been helping our customers with vehicle problems and accidents for 10 years.


Light Towing  (Personal and Business Vehicles)

We can pick up your vehicle and deliver it either to our repair facility, or to a location of your choice.

Heavy Towing  (Commercial Vehicles, Transports, Dump Trucks, Heavy Equipment)




We realize that you depend on your units for your livelihood. We make every effort to get you back up and running as soon as possible.




Recovery Crane




 We have experience dealing with numerous highway accidents and rollovers. We have the personnel and the resources to recover your unit as well as to clean up and reload at our facility. Trailer and tractor storage is available on site, and insurance adjustors can be given access and information.




Float Service



 We have several float and 'tilt and load' vehicles for moving equipment, vehicles and freight. These vehicles have also been used to assist freight unloading in locations where there is no dock facility.